Automotive AP

High reliable automotive AP(Application Processor)
NXP4330Q-A : multimedia AP based on Quad A9
NXP3220A : multimedia AP based on Dual A7


Consumer AP

High performance multimedia Application Processor based on single to octa core
NXP2120 : ARM1176 800MHz
NXP3220 : Multimedia AP based on Dual A7
NXP4330Q/S5P4418 : Multimedia AP for Quad A9
S5P6818 : Multimedia 64bit AP based on Octa A53


Communication / M-TV IC

NXBT100 : Bluetooth 4.1 module for automotive
NXB111 : Mobile TV IC for HD-DMB


Power management IC

High integrated PMIC optimized for Nexell AP
NXE1500 : Low-power PMIC for Single/Dual/Quad core AP
NXE2000 : High-power PMIC for Quad & Octa core AP

Technology for more smarter life

Nexell have been focusing on machine learning technology based on Deep Learning and leading edge GPU technology for 3D graphic & machine learning acceleration. Please press button for more detail.

Doing something with...

Our design Houses, design Partners and Distributors are doing special something to meet everyone’s needs.

The latest news of Nexell

Nexell in the latest news, press release, event and Notice.

[NXP4330Q] 코지마, 스마트 안마의자 삼성과 공동개발

[NXP4330Q] 르노삼성차, 더 뉴 QM6 전용 AVM 출시 르노삼성자동차가 ‘더 뉴 QM6’ 전용 ‘3D-HD 360도 스카이뷰 카메라 액세서리를 신규 출시했다. 더 뉴 QM6 전용 어라운드 뷰 모니터링(AVM) 시스템인 카메라는 차체 외부에 설치된 카메라 4대를 이용해 마치 차량을 하늘에서 바라보는 것 같은 시야를 실내 모니터 화면에 띄워주는 첨단운전보조시스템(ADAS)이다. 출처 : 교통신문(

[NXP3225/4330Q] New System-on-Module by DIGNSYS

[NXP4330Q] Introduces Scorpion 3 & Scorpion 5 Boards Powered by Nexell Processors

Howchip has announced 2 development boards based on Nexell processors. Even though pricing is not available yet for these boards, we can now know their main features. Both development boards have been launched as COM & carrier development kits.

About Nexell

Turnkey design service from specification to Silicon based on leading-edge SoC technology.

Who we are?

Nexell is Korea’s Fabless company that provides comprehensive System on a Chip (SoC) for a wide range of markets based on AP development experience and own GPU design technology. In addition, Using SoC design experience and cutting-edge GP-GPU technology, we provide a SoC Platform Design Service for customers.

We are developing Deep Learning based machine learning technology that can operate in embedded environment based on our acquired GPU technology. We are preparing for future customers’ requirements based on cost competitive AP technology and leading-edge ML technology.

What we do?

End-to-end Semiconductor Design Service
• Supply of IPs
• Silicon Turnkey Service from specification to Silicon
– Full chip RTL design service
– Front-end / Back-end design service
– Fabrication, EDS, Package and Final Test service
– Software service including the latest Linux, Android and so on

Development of a leading-edge IPs
• Hardening CPU : RISC-V
• GPU and GP-GPU: the more efficiency GPU than competitors
• Multimedia Subsystem

Supply of SoC
• From cost-effective 32bit Application Processor To high-performance 64bit Octa Core Application Processor
• PMIC, Mobile Broadcast SoC and Communication IC
• Voice pre-processing SoC for Artificial Intelligent Voice Assistant device


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