High performance 4K/UHD Multimedia Hexa core Application Processor

NXP5540: High Performance, Advanced 3D Graphics, 4K/UHD HEVC & VP9@60fps Multimedia Video, ISP, USB 3.0, 64bit ARM® Cortex®-A53 Quad Core,  Single 32bit MCU CPU core

NXP5540 is a 64-bit processor core based SoC (System On Chip). Designed with the 28nm HKMG low power process, features of NXP5540 include:
•  Cortex-A53 Quad core CPU
•  4K UHD display with HDR10 support
•  HEVC & VP9 4K @60fps video decoding and HEVC 4K @30fps video encoding hardware
•  Multi Standard Full-HD @60fps video decoding and encoding hardware
•  High-speed interfaces such as USB3.0 and eMMC5.0
•  3D graphics processor
NXP5540 uses the Cortex-A53 Quad cores, which are based on the ARMv8-A architecture and deliver more performance for ARMv7 32-bit code in Arch32 execution state, and offer support for 64-bit data and larger virtual addressing space in Arch64 execution state. It provides up to 7.5GB/s memory bandwidth for heavy traffic operations such as 4K UHD video encoding and decoding, 3D graphics display and high resolution image signal processing with 4K UHD display. The application processor supports dynamic virtual address mapping, which helps software engineers to fully utilize the memory resources with ease.
NXP5540 provides the best 3D graphics performance with wide range of APIs, such as OpenGL ES1.1/2.0 and OpenCL2.0. Superior 3D performance fully supports 4K UHD display. The native multiple display, in particular, supports up to WQHD resolution of a main LCD display and 4K UHD display throughout HDMI 2.0, simultaneously.

NXP5540 Application Processor Block diagram

•  Cortex-A53 Quad Core @ 1.4Ghz w/ 32Kbyte I-Cache, 32Kbyte D-Cache per core
•  512KByte L2 Cache
•  VFP(Vector float-point Processor), Neon Processor per core

•  32bit MCU core @ 150Mhz
•  Embedded Instruction & Data memory
•  VFP(Vector float-point Processor), Neon Processor per core

System Controller
•  Secure / Non-secure DMA, Interrupt Controller
•  Clock & Power management for Normal, Idle, Stop and suspend to RAM (Deep Sleep)
•  4 channels Timer/Watchdog Timer
•  RTC

Memory/Storage Controller
•  System Memory : Supports LPDDR2/3 and DDR2/3 up to 4Gbytes @ 933Mhz(T.B.D)
•  SRAM, ROM and NOR flash controller
•  SLC/MLC NAND Flash Controller w/ up to 60bit ECC
•  Supports 3 independent SD/MMC/eMMC controller

4K/UHD Multi-format video codec
•  4K/UHD HEVC & VP9 @60fps decoder
•  4K/UHD HEVC @60fps video encoder 
•  FHD Multi-format video decoder

3D Graphic
•  Enhanced Nexell 3D GPU supports up to 4K/UHD
•  Supports OpenGL|ES 2.0 and OpenCL

Display Controller & Video Post-processor
•  Supports Multiple display up to 6 separate devices w/ HDR10 and 3840x2160@60hz
•  Supports 24bit RGB, i80 I/F, LVDS, HDMI 2.0 w/HDCP 2.0 compliant, MIPI-DSI
•  Supports 3D De-interlace, Fine video scalar and Color space converter

Video Input Processor & ISP
•  Supports x4 8bit BT656/601 format or x2 16bit BT1120 format
•  Supports MIPI-CSI2
•  Supports 3D De-interlace, Fine video scalar and Color space converter
•  Supports 16M ISP (Image Signal Processor)

•  Supports Gigabit Ethernet MAC w/ AVB 
•  Supports the latest USB 3.0 DRD, USB 2.0 Host and USB 2.0 OTG
•  Supports MPEG-TS parser with DVB-CSA/CSA2 for TV application 

•  9x UART, 3x SPI, 16x PPM, 5x I2C, 16x PWM, 2x MPEG-TS
•  4x I2S, SPDIF Rx/Tx, 16x PDM for glueless interface w/ Digital MIC
•  8x 12bit general purpose ADC

•  ARM TrustZone : TZPC, TZASC and TZMA
•  Hardware crypto accelerator : PKA, RSA, DES/TDES, AES, SHA, MD5 and PRNG
•  Supports Secure boot and Secure JTAG

•  19x19mm body size, 672 FCBGA, 0.65mm pitch