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CoAsia secures U.S. AI platform company's turnkey order for HPC-oriented AI semiconductor chips

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[Edaily, Reporter Ji-eun Lee] CoAsia, a specialized semiconductor design company, announced on the 30th that it has signed a contract with a U.S.-based generative AI semiconductor platform development company to develop and supply prototype generative AI semiconductors for High-Performance Computing (HPC).

CoAsia plans to design generative AI SoCs for HPC and provide one-stop services including 2.5D packaging equipped with HBM (High Bandwidth Memory). Starting with development in April this year, they plan to begin mass-producing wafers using Samsung Foundry's 4-nanometer (nm, one-billionth of a meter) process in the fourth quarter of 2025, and subsequently supply the semiconductor chips.

Considering the scope of the contract in the HPC AI field, expected sales are anticipated to exceed $70 million.

The contracting party is a U.S. AI startup specializing in the development of AI hardware and software platforms for hyperscale computing. This company targets data centers, on-premise Edge AI, and HPC. CoAsia has decided not to disclose further details at the customer's request for confidentiality.

An industry insider remarked, "This AI chip order is the first full turnkey project in the U.S. to be undertaken by a Samsung DSP using a 4nm process. This demonstrates CoAsia's specialized design capabilities and global business strength in the advanced AI semiconductor field, where fine process technology is crucial."